The Scorpius Group is a client-driven media organization, grounded in a tradition of  hard-nosed, results based marketing. Many of our clients come to us because they are dissatisfied with the outmoded strategies of the past, and are looking for new ways to create impact in this media-drenched society.

We are often called on to design counteroffensive strategies for clients who are the unfortunate victims of the “drive-by media,” as Rush Limbaugh has termed it. Such clients have been easy targets for various advocacy groups—emboldened by the typical client response of either nothing at all, or an extremely timid and nuanced reply.

The Scorpius Group believes that such timid tactics are at best ineffective, and at worst are self-defeating. Today’s media environment demands a bold counteroffensive. As we tell our clients:  It’s not as much fun (for the advocacy group or media foe) when the rabbit shoots back.

We break down our activities into Communications, Consultancy, and Content Production—the tripod of your media strategy.

The Scorpius Group welcomes your inquiries, and looks forward to discussing your next project.