New media provides countless ways to publish your message, but is it getting seen or heard by the right people?

And even if you believe that you are reaching the target audience, is this audience truly understanding and absorbing your message—or is it being reduced to a sound bite or an on-the-spot executive summary?

If your message is unpopular—or if it runs contrary to the PC dicta du jour—is it being unfairly drowned out by an amen chorus of clueless mainstream media apparatchiks?

Let the Scorpius Group guide you through the media minefields. Our strategy will be formulated only after close consultation with you, and will be tailored specifically to meet your goals.

The fact is, the templated approaches of the past simply do not work anymore—even if they are peppered with all the current buzz words. Beware of 1950s thinking outfitted in present day fancy dress.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project—in complete confidence, of course.